4 tips for an ecological exhibition booth

As the eco-friendly trend has become a necessity, it has impacted many industries including the trade-show industry, well known to create a lot of waste. Many solutions have been developed by suppliers to help exhibitors use greener solutions.

Here is a list of several tips to help you be as eco-friendly as possible on your exhibition.


1 – Use recycled or recyclable materials…

… to build your booth: whether it’s paper, plastic or wood, you’re likely to be needing one of those (if not the three) to build your booth;
If you own a booth, it’ll enable you to give it a second life after you’re done with it and the same applies if you rent one.

… to decorate your booth: you can extend that rule to the furniture as well as the POV advertising of your stand that you can pick in bamboo instead of plastic for example.

Furniture rental is also a very good solution for an ecological exhibition booth. Indeed, unlike a purchase of new furniture, the furniture rental simply requires cleaning furniture before being reused again.

For signage, prefer UV ink to a solvent-based one and for lights, use LED instead of electricity.

… to promote your booth: finally, if you choose to print flyers or business cards, do so on recycled paper. You can also pick an online solution and send people all the information they need on your company by email (it’ll also enrich your address book!)


2 – Stick to the necessary

When thinking about the elaboration of your booth, try to make a list of all the elements you wish to include, and then see which one you can regroup and the one you can remove. Sticking to the necessary will help you reduce waste and might even help you create a message witch a better impact for your visitors.

Ecological booth


3 – Be interested in transportation

If you’re in need of a supplier, ask him about his mode of transportation of your booth: is it going to be by car, by train, boat or plane? Try to pick a local supplier so your booth doesn’t have to travel all across the country.


4 – Give away smart goodies

The use of goodies at a tradeshow might be a nice way to bond with your customers or prospects. Think of useful goodies that people will actually be using and not throw away: a recycled shopping bag, a recycled notepad, or a recycled pen for example.

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