5 prestigious places to organize a business event in Paris

Paris City Hall or « Hôtel de ville »

hotel de ville

Paris City Hall as we know it today was built in 1873. It’s the largest City Hall in Europe. Located in the heart of Paris, it hosts various cultural and political events and is also suited for very high standard venues such as fashion shows or private receptions.


Space for rent and prices

Depending on your needs, there are 7 individual spaces available for rent.  You can also combine 2 rooms if necessary.

The price depends on the room you pick but also on the amount of time you want to rent it for:

  • La Salle des Fêtes: 15,000€ for 6 hours, 30,000€ for 12 hours, 50,000€ for 24 hours.
  • Le Salon des Arcades: 12,000€ for 6 hours, 20,000€ for 12 hours, 35,000€ for 24 hours.
  • Le Salon Gorges Bertrand: 8,000€ for 6 hours, 12,000€ for 12 hours, 20,000€ for 24 hours.
  • Salon Jean-Paul Laurens: 5,000€ for 6 hours, 8,000€ for 12 hours, 15,000€ for 24 hours.
  • Salle Saint-Jean: 10,000€ for 6 hours, 15,000€ for 12 hours, 25,000€ for 24 hours.
  • Salle des Prévôts: 5,000€ for 6 hours, 8,000€ for 12 hours, 15,000€ for 24 hours.
  • Salon des Tapisseries: 8,000€ for 6 hours, 12,000€ for 12 hours, 20,000€ for 24 hours.


What is the rental procedure?

You can e-mail Rémi Rathueville or Chouchane Pennes at remi.rathueville@paris.fr or chouchane.pennes@paris.fr for further information.
Make sure you have as much detail as possible on your event: your company, client, expected people, etc…



Le Petit Palais

petit palais

Located right next to the Champs Elysées, Le Petit Palais is one of the most glamorous places you could ever find to organize a venue in Paris.  In addition to its tremendous collection of art, Le Petit Palais hosts many types of private or public events.


Space for rent and prices

The “Galerie Sud” and “Pavillon Sud” have a global surface of 774m2.

Depending on your audience arrangement (seated or standing room), you can expect between 300 and 600 people. In any case, the wide windows will show Le Grand Palais or la Seine and the view by night is absolutely outstanding.

You can rent the Galerie and Pavillon Sud for 4,500€ per hour to which you need to add assembling/disassembling fare at 1,600€ per hour.


What is the rental procedure?

The rental procedure is very detailed and you must carefully read it before you apply.

Here’s what you need to gather in order to create a file:

  1. A detailed description of your event: place, date and timing including the assembling/disassembling phase.
  2. The number of people expected (including guest and staff)
  3. A blueprint of the event including:
  • Furniture’s disposition (light, screen, table, buffet etc…)
  • Technical information (power used …)
  • Emergency exit
  1. A list of all the people participating in this venue (agency, client, caterer and so on…)
  2. Written records of reaction-to-fire-performance of the materials used
  3. The invites (that must be sent to the communication department for approbation: it must include “Petit Palais, musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris” and a non-smoking sign).
  4. The guest list.


You can address your request to Sophie Adelle or Charlotte Reynaud at sophie.adelle@paris.fr or charlotte.reynau@paris.fr



Académie diplomatique internationale

academie diplomatique internationale

The ADI was founded in 1926 to enable important international diplomats to meet in the greatest conditions. It’s recently been renovated and is no longer a restricted area: large international companies are now used to meeting in this magnificent place.

Space for rent

From 30m2 to 175m2 there are 5 different spaces you can rent:

  • Reunion 1: 65m2. Can accommodate up to 65 people.
  • Reunion 2: 35m2. Can accommodate up to 35 people.
  • Reunion 3: 52m Can accommodate up to 50 people.
  • Reunion 4: 30m2. Can accommodate up to 30 people.
  • Reception Room: 175m2. Can accommodate up to 200 people.


What is the rental procedure?

For any further information regarding the cost and rental procedure, please contact Athina Argyriou at athina.argyriou@academiediplomatique.org



Pavillon Cambon Capucines

pavillon cambon

Located in a golden triangle between Place de l’Opéra, Place de la Madeleine and Place Vendôme, the Pavillon Cambon Capucines is a one of a kind place for a Parisian Event that will surely seduce your guests.


Space for rent

The Pavillon Cambon Capucines has an overall surface of 1600m2 divided in 4 spaces:

  • Salon Mewès and mezzanine: an elegant space divided in a 700m2 salon and a 400m2 mezzanine. Can accommodate up to 1200 people.
  • Salon Rossini: a 350m2 space 100% adjustable to your needs that can accommodate up to 375 people.
  • Salons Castanier: 2 salons of 36 and 49 m2 that can accommodate up to 35 and 60 people each.
  • Salon Capucines: a 90m2 space that can accommodate up to 90 people.


What is the rental procedure?

You can address your request via this form: http://www.poteletchabot.com/en/the-story-of-two-men/contact-us/plan-your-event.html



La Maison de la Chimie

maison de la chimie

La Maison de la Chimie is a major congress center in France. It’s a building where both the spirit of the 18th century and the 30’s meet, making it totally unique. It feels like it was designed for professional purposes. It will meet your every criteria from the simplest conference to a congress or exhibition.


Space for rent

In addition to 2 auditoriums (854 and 220 seats), there are 18 conference rooms and a wide garden (900m2).


Room Surface (m2) Conference (people) Dinner




Room 203 34 35 20 50
Rooms 32 & 37 37 37 20 47
Room 103 43 54 30 60
Room 7 46 52 40 60
Room 232 49 55 40 80
Room 234 50 63 40 80
Room 33 55 70 50 60
Room 69 58 68 50 80
Room 233 71 102 60 100
Galerie 81 n/a 60 150
Room 269 91 125 80 160
Room 201 104 123 90 180
Room 162 130 196 n/a n/a
Room 262 165 204 n/a n/a
Room 101 168 198 170 300
Room 251 256 256 230 400
Room 151 267 269 240 400
Room 8 520 496 500 800


What is the rental procedure?

For any further information regarding the application form and rental costs, please contact info@maisondelachimie.com



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