5 reasons to attend a professional trade show in France

They cover almost all industries

There are various and numerous trade shows in France. They cover a wide range of business industries, from automotive to fashion, including agriculture or aerospace.
So there is a good chance that you will find a trade show that suits your business.

They have good reputation

Since the market leaders usually attend trade shows, French trade shows have good visibility and reputation. Indeed, people are always interested in discovering the last trends of market leaders. Ultimately, the fact that you would attend such a trade show can give your business credibility and raise its notoriety towards prospects.


They reach international audiences

Numerous French trade shows are international and have huge frequentation that can lead you to reach an international audience. Consequently, you might develop your services or sell your products in France, but also in other countries.

B2B and B2C

French trade shows reach a wide B2B audience that might lead you to considerably develop your business. On the other hand, a lot of passionate customers and non-professional people are used to come to trade shows. The fact they meet with brand’s officials usually give them the feeling to be special and they can be turned into new customers or increase their loyalty towards your brand.

They’re known to be effective

According to the AFII (The Invest in France Agency), 25% of exhibitors in French trade shows make 30% of their annual turnover. It represents a good opportunity for you to sell your products or services, create new contacts, discover about new markets, etc.

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