How to choose the right trade show booth?

Amongst the many questions you can ask yourself while preparing for a tradeshow, one of the most important is: “what kind of booth should I pick?”

Indeed, depending on your budget, needs and goals, there are several types of booth you can choose from.


For the smallest budgets: the portable booth and the packed booth.

The portable booth is built as a kit, which is very light and easy to carry around. It’s extremely convenient, you can build it yourself in no time and no extra help is needed. This kind of booth is usually quite small and is suitable for business presentations or sales promotions and animations.

The packed booth is a branded turnkey solution. It’s bigger than the portable booth but as easy of use: it can be built relatively fast and therefore it saves you some time to focus on other details. It’s an ideal solution for a first tradeshow and its low price enables you to try different options on several tradeshows for example.

How to choose the right trade show booth?

For a premium solution: the custom-made booth and the collective stand

The term custom-made booth speaks for itself: it’s designed by a vendor according to your own specifications and needs. You can decide of the surface, the colors, the materials and all other details that might come to your mind! It’s suited for big spaces and it gives you excellent exposure. It is for sure the best solution if you have high expectations of the tradeshow you’re going to.

The collective stand is a mix of a flexible and custom-made booth. It’s ideal if you go to a tradeshow with fellow partners for example: it enables you and your partner to be on the same surface with a branded space for each.

As the custom-made booth, it’s usually picked for its large surface and gives you and your partner(s) good exposure as you’re perceived as a whole collective.

How to choose the right trade show booth?

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