The importance of mastering colors in trade show booth

Colors are all around us, and whilst one might like one color more than the other, colors actually have meanings. They respond to specific codes when it comes to marketing and selling, hence the importance of mastering color in your trade show booth.

Use colors to say who you are

Colors must translate the identity and spirit of your brand. For example, an organic brand of veggies will be more likely to choose green, brown, beige and colors related to nature than a flashy purple or a turquoise blue.

colors trade show booth

Colors can create an atmosphere

On a tradeshow, you’ll have a lot of sales conversations to do. If you want them to be conclusive, it’s important to have people focused and ready to listen to you. Colors can help you do that. On your booth or stand pack, create a corner dedicated to sales conversations. On this area, use a light blue, good for focusing instead of a bright red that will only distract your client.

Drive traffic to key points

On a wide booth, people will walk slowly and observe all you have displayed to talk about your company. Instead of letting them figure all out by themselves, use colors to drive their attention on key elements of your brand. Is there a new product you want to present? A major change or innovation you want to highlight?

Know your basics

Many researches have proven that the human brain is programmed in such ways that we have physiological reactions to colors. In order to master the use of colors on your trade show booth, it’s important to know the reaction of the brain to each colors. Here’s an overview of the main ones:

RED: It’s a very confusing color as it’s both the color of love and danger. Red is a strong color, and when the eye sees red, it’s automatically attracted to it.

BLUE: It’s interesting to know that blue is the most loved color in the world! It reminds of the sky, the sea, the air and creates a secure environment. In marketing, it’s often associated with cold, travels, engineering and technology.

YELLOW: Yellow is a warm color that gives the impression of light. It’s associated with positive feelings such as happiness, humor and power.

GREEN: It’s automatically associated with nature. Green is a very peaceful color. It represents hope and growth. It’s the color of success and achievement, balance and stability.

PURPLE: Purple is a neutral color (not cold, not warm) and is usually associated with delicacy. It’s used in a quiet environment and invite people to relax. Most of the time, it’s also associated with magic, dreams and spirituality.

ORANGE: As yellow, orange is a warm color. It’s stronger and is associated with energy and action. It translates creativity, an open-mind, joy and vitality.

PINK: It’s a soft color associated to femininity, happiness and compassion. It can also be perceived as a childish color. Pink is sweet, and is used a lot in craft and cooking communication.

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