The key elements to maximize your trade show booth’s visibility

When you register for a trade show, you know you’ll have to deal with your competitors. In order to stand out and attract as many visitors as possible on your stand, it is vital to increase its visibility. Here are few tips that might help you.


Bet on signage

First of all, you have to pick the right signage. Signage is extremely important to give visibility to your booth. For example, make sure your logo is visible from the most (if not all) points of view when coming in your directions. You can also display some POS advertising that detail your motto, your signature, your main products or key elements of your main offer.

Choose the right words and use signage to make them visible to visitors, who will then want to visit your stand and not the next one. Here are some types of signage you can choose from:

  • Vertical hanging banner, which will enable people to find you more easily;
  • Flags, that you can choose of different sizes and shapes to catch visitor’s eyes;
  • Totem, the ideal solution to share a lot of informations;
  • Lightbox, the most modern solution that will automatically catch people’s attention;
  • A photocall, the largest POS solution where your logo will get good exposition.

The key elements to maximize your trade show booth’s visibility


Think about decoration

The setting of you stand is also a very important element to consider. Choosing an original construction style or creating a special atmosphere can make your booth noticeable and give your visitors something to remember you by.

It’s important that you create a connection between your product (or service) and the decoration of your booth, in order to make a good and strong impression on your visitors.

Therefore, you have to think about all the details such as colors, furnitures and fabrics for example. Put all together, they’re the one that will create that special atmosphere.


Don’t forget about the lights!

Used properly, lights can be a huge asset to give your booth some visibility. You can use different colors, have them moving in several directions, switch between different patterns and so on: give free rein to your imagination to attract and seduce visitors.


Get some help

Depending on the size of your booth and what you’re selling, vendors might just be the thing you need! It’s important that you can talk to visitors, invite them on your booth, explain what you do and make them want to find out more about your activity. Having a few vendors on your booth can help you reach that goal.

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