The most expected Trade Shows in Paris in 2015

Japan Expo

Date: From July 2nd to July 5th.

Expected visitors: 250 000

Japan Expo is a trade-show fully focused on the overall Japanese culture. It enlightens the traditional side of the culture and the modern one in all kinds of ways. The visitors will discover mangas, video games, martial arts, Japanese music and folks through many interactive workshops and live shows. While the outsiders might go from a workshop to another in order to fully discover what the trade show has to offer, the fans will surely be happy to meet all the prestigious guests, coming specially and directly from Japan for the show.

Tickets available here:

Japan expo
Japan Expo


Maison & Objet

Date: from Sept. 4th to  Sept. 8th

Expected visitors: 110 000

Maison & Objet is THE annual international meeting for all the “art de vivre” professionals. This year, the trade-show’s been fully redesigned and re-thought in order to offer the best experience possible to its visitors.

It is now broken down in 3 main areas:

  • Maison (Housing), mainly focused on decoration ;
  • Objet, an area developed in the spirit of a “concept store” ;
  • Luxury/Design/ Interior Design area.

In that way, the visit will be more fluid and probably richer for the visitors.

Register here:

Maison et objet trade show
Maison & Objet


Salon du Mariage (Wedding Trade-Show) 

Date: Sept. 26th/27th

Expected visitors: 20 000

The Salon du Mariage is co-organized by Marions-Nous Magazine and Le Site du Mariage, and takes places twice a year; once in the early fall and once in January in order to leave plenty of time to the future brides and groom to plan the perfect wedding.

More than 200 professionals will be presenting their work on an 8000 m2 space: DJs, clothes designers, interior designers, caterers…

Everything that couples are looking for to make their day special.

Register here:

Salon du mariage trade show
Salon du mariage


Paris Games Week

Date : From Oct.28th to Nov.1st

Expected visitors : 280 000

The 2015 edition is the 6th of the Paris Games Week, the largest French trade show dedicated to video games. For a week, it is the place to be for all the fans, who gets to play all the newest games of this year and also get advance access to some of the 2016 upcoming games.

Some of the most advanced gamers also take part to some eSport international championships.

It’s a very successful trade show as we can easily observe an impressive growth of visitors each year since its creation.

Register here:

Paris Games Week trade show
Paris Games Week


Salon Nautique (Nautic)

Date : From Dec.5th to Dec 13th

Expected visitors : 240 000

The Nautic Trade Show is a place where all sailors or sailing fans can meet and discover the latest news and upcoming ones on their favorite subject.

Through many exhibitions, workshops, and shows, more than 700 of boats are shown to the visitors. As for the non-sailors, they aren’t left aside since more than 300 other types of “vessels” are also part of the show such as canoe, surfboards, kitesurfs and so on.

Register here:

Nautic trade show Paris
Salon Nautique
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