1. Scope of application

Any order for our products and services implies unreserved acceptance of and full compliance with these General Conditions by the Customer and which shall prevail over any document issued by the customer, unless expressly agreed previously by us.

The Customer accepts these General Conditions whenever it contacts us or uses our equipment. Any proposal or written offer from our representatives or agents will only be binding on the company if they comply with these General Conditions.

2. Intellectual Property

All technical, diagrammatic, study, quotation and artistic documents, photographs and drawings produced by us remain the exclusive property of the Company as the exclusive holder of all intellectual property rights in such documents and must be returned to us on request.

Our customers agree not to use these documents in any way that could infringe the industrial or intellectual property rights of our company, and agree not to disclose these to any third party.

3. Orders

By order is meant any order relating to the products shown in our catalogue (or in our price lists) and accepted by the sales department or general management of the company in the group having issued the proposal or quotation.

An order consists of:

-      Our quotation returned, dated, signed and stamped, by the Customer,

-      The payment of the advance as stated in the quotation or the Special Conditions,

-      The acceptance of the payment dates as stated in the quotation,

-      For rental, the payment of the guarantee deposit as stated in the quotation.

Acceptance of the order by our management or by the delegated representative will take the form of a written confirmation, acknowledging receipt of the order. This is the only document that will be binding on the Company.

The Company cannot be held liable for any products that are unavailable at the time of the order. If the products become unavailable or a force majeure event occurs, the Company reserves the right to supply equivalent equipment fit for the intended purpose.

Orders forwarded to the Company are irrevocable, unless agreed in writing by us.

Any request to change the composition or volume of an order placed by a customer will only be accepted by the Company if the request is made in writing, including by fax or email, and agreed in writing by our management.

In the event of the modification of the order by the Customer, the Company will be released from the agreed time limits for its performance.

If an order is cancelled, all sums already paid will remain the property of the Company.

In addition, if the cancellation takes place less than 30 days prior to the scheduled date for the order to be shipped from our premises, the Customer will be required to pay 50% of the total amount of the order; if the cancellation takes place less than 15 days prior to the scheduled date for the order to be shipped from our premises, the Customer will be required to pay 100% of the total amount of the order.

4. Delivery timeframe

The date of delivery is the date on which the Customer takes possession of the product or the products (sets, furnishings, structures, installations, etc.), whether simply made available or installed by the Company, as required by the customer.

The delivery lead-time is stated in each quotation. This only starts as of receipt of the complete order such as defined in Article 3, and of any information and technical documents forwarded by the Customer that may be required for the completion of the order. These lead-times must be confirmed in the written order confirmation. These are dependent specifically on the payment of the advance as stated in the quotation and as appropriate on the payment of the balance of the order, as well as on the availability of the product(s).

Orders that include the fabrication of specific products or accessories are subject to a further lead-time of at least 15 working days as of, firstly, the receipt of any technical information and documents from the customer, followed by the validation of the order, and secondly, the scheduled date for the shipping of the order from our premises.

The Company will make every effort to comply with the delivery date as stated on acceptance of the order, based on the standard reference logistical time limits within the industry excluding sea freight, and excluding any force majeure event or circumstance beyond our control such as strikes, frost, fire, storm, flood, epidemic, supply problems, without this list being limiting.

For sea freight, requested or accepted by the Customer, the Company is not bound by any shipment and delivery time limits.

Any delay in delivery shall not give rise to any penalty or compensation.

Any delays relative to the indicated delivery period, as stated in the quotation and in the order confirmation shall not be grounds for the cancellation of the order placed by the Customer and recorded by the Company. These do not imply any termination of or modification to the contract. Any penalty clauses contained in the commercial documents of our customers are unenforceable.

The delivery lead-times stated in an order are only accepted by the Company and are only binding on it under the following conditions: Payment by the Customer of all advances and/or guarantee deposits, the supply in good time of any technical specifications, the absence of any delays in the design or preparatory work, non-occurrence of a force majeure event, industrial, political or technical event hindering the operation of our factories and warehouses or their supply of components, power or raw materials.

5. Transfer of risks

The risks are transferred to the customer as of the start date of the worksite (start of assembly) and until the closing date of the worksite (date of completion of dismantling). In the event of an earlier making available or delayed removal, requested or accepted by the Customer, the risks are transferred as of delivery to the location as stated by the Customer and remain with the customer as stated above.

As of these dates the Customer accepts guardianship of and acts as the depositary for our products.

If the goods or equipment are collected from us, the risks are transferred to the customer when these leave the premises.

6. Transport

Transport costs are invoiced separately.

It is the responsibility of the customer in the event of damage to or loss involving the delivered items, to issue all appropriate reservations to the carrier.

Any product not covered by reservations issued by recorded delivery letter with acknowledgment of receipt in the 24 hours following reception sent to the carrier, with a copy sent simultaneously to the Company, or directly to the Company if we carried the goods, will be deemed to have been accepted by the Customer.

The Company cannot be held liable under any circumstance for incidents during transport, destruction, damage, loss or theft, even if the Company selected the carrier.

7. Reception, installation, assembly and return

In the event of a force majeure occurrence or the impossibility of accessing the place of delivery or if delivery of the equipment is refused at the place of delivery, and regardless of the reason, the Customer remains wholly liable for the full payment of the order and the Company cannot be held liable.

All deliveries must be the subject of a specific document signed by the Customer and us or the carrier. If the signatory is not present, the delivery is deemed to comply and be accepted by the Customer who cannot the dispute this. Equipment that is leased or purchased must only be used for its intended purpose.

Without prejudice to the measures to be taken by the Customer with regard to the carrier as defined in Article 6, if there is an apparent defect or shortfall, all complaints, of whatever nature, relating to the delivered products, will only be accepted by the Company if made in writing by recorded delivery letter with acknowledgment of receipt within three days of the delivery.

The customer is responsible for providing all evidence concerning the claimed defects or shortfalls.

The Customer must not return any goods unless agreed in advance in writing by the Company, agreement obtained namely by fax or email.

 The Company will only pay the return costs if there is an apparent defect or shortfall proven to the satisfaction of the Company.

Only carriers appointed by the Company are authorized to transport the returned products.

If after inspection an apparent defect or shortfall is proven to the satisfaction of the Company, the Customer can only request the Company to replace the items that do not conform and/or supply the missing elements at the cost of the Company without the Customer being entitled to claim any compensation or to terminate the order.

The reception of the ordered products without reservations on the part of the Customer covers all apparent defects or shortfalls.

Claims submitted by the Customer in accordance with the above conditions and procedures shall not suspend the liability of the Customer to pay for the relevant products.

8. Suspension of deliveries

In the event of a failure to pay the full amount of a due invoice and after formal notice remaining without effect for forty-eight (48) hours, the Company reserves the right to suspend all on-going and/or or future deliveries.

9. Refusal of an order

If the customer places an order with the Company without having paid for previous orders, the Company can refuse to fill the order and deliver the goods in question without the Customer being entitled to claim any compensation whatsoever.

10. Prototype

For the preparation of a prototype, a prior quotation will be issued and submitted for the approval of the customer as defined in Article 3.

Payment for the prototype will be included with that for the order.

11. Technical assistance

The Company cannot be held liable for any technical assistance the Company may provide free of charge for the customer and at its request concerning products other than those supplied by the Company.

12. Prices and payment details

Our sales and hire price lists are applicable for all customers, on same date. These lists are subject to upwards revisions during the year.

All price changes will be automatically applicable as of the date stated in the new price list.

After the price validity limit date as stated in the quotation, we reserve the right to revise the prices and to modify the schedule and lead-times.

After the price validity limit date the proposed prices will no longer be valid, unless they have been renewed in writing for a further period, subject to our right to make any changes that we may deem necessary.

The prices in our catalogues are given for information only. They are calculated net, without discounts. Any exceptional discount that may be granted will be confirmed in writing by the company.

For quantity specific prices, any order for smaller quantities will be subject to a price adjustment.

Any order for an amount less than €1,000 net of taxes must be paid in full before it is shipped from our premises.

Any order for an amount in excess of €1,000 net of taxes is subject to the payment of an advance of at least 50% before it is shipped from our premises.

The price will be payable by cheque or bank transfer by the due date as stated in the invoice and corresponding with the legal provisions of the French economic modernisation law No. 2008-776 of 4 August 2008.

The invoicing of any supplements shall not alter or postpone the due date for the initial invoice when this corresponds with the order placed by the Customer and accepted by the Company.

Only the effective cashing of the cheques or notification of the credit transfer will be deemed to be full payment for the purpose of the General Conditions.

Any amount unpaid on the due date will be subject to late payment interest by the customer at a rate one and half times the legal rate of interest. Compensation of up to 15% of the amount due can by invoiced to cover any collection costs.

Any modification to the order made less than 48 working hours prior to the scheduled date for the shipping of the order from our premises, to comply with the delivery lead-time, will be subject to a price supplement and the issuing of a supplementary quotation.

13. Discharge of liability

In the event of assembly or installation of our products or the provision of services at the place of delivery by the Company, the Company can only be held liable for any damage to the premises or installations at the place of delivery if the Customer has at its own expense carried out an inventory at the start and at the end of our work.

The conduct and cost of inventories at the start and completion of our work are the responsibilities of the customer.

14. Limitation of liability

With regard to the guarantee for hidden defects, the Company will only replace the defective products or defective parts free of charge and this only when the hidden defect has been proven without the Customer being entitled to claim any damages whatsoever.

Our guarantee only relates to hidden defects, meaning a defect in the product that makes it unfit for its intended purpose in the order and that cannot be detected by the Customer at the time of its delivery. A design fault is not a hidden defect.

The guarantee does not apply in the case of inappropriate use, negligence or incorrect maintenance on the part of the customer, as well as to the normal wear and tear to the product or a force majeure occurrence.

To invoke its rights, the Customer must, or forfeit any rights, notify the Company in writing of the existence of defects within a maximum period of 24 hours as of their discovery.

15. Cancellation clause

If one Party fails to fulfil its obligations arising under the contract, the contract will be lawfully terminated at the fault of that Party, without prejudice to any damages that may be claimed from the defaulting Party.

The termination will become effective ten days after the sending of formal notice by recorded delivery letter with acknowledgment of receipt remaining without effect. This termination can be accompanied by an injunction.

16. Ownership

The transfer of ownership in our products is suspended until full payment for these by the Customer, in the amount of the principal and other sums, even if a payment postponement is granted. All clauses to the contrary, namely contained in the General Conditions of Purchase, are deemed as not existing.

It is hereby agreed that the Company can exercise the rights it holds under this ownership clause, for any of its accounts receivable, for all products in the possession of the customer, with these latter being deemed to be those unpaid and the Company can repossess these or claim compensation for all its unpaid invoices, without prejudice to its right to terminate on-going sales.

The Company can also require, in the case of the non-payment of all or part of an overdue invoice, the cancellation of the sale following the sending of formal notice by recorded delivery letter with acknowledgement of receipt eight days in advance.

The Company can also unilaterally after giving formal notice to comply, draw up or have drawn up an inventory of its products in the possession of the customer, which hereby agrees to allow free access to its warehouses, stores and other premises for that purpose, checking that the identification of the Company’s products is still possible.

The fact that our customer has paid an advance does not give it a lien on the equipment, and as required the customer abandons any possessory lien.

This clause does not prevent the risks associated with the goods from being transferred to the customer, as laid down in Article 5; the Customer acts as the guardian and depositary for these goods.

Notwithstanding the non-transfer of ownership, the Customer is solely liable for any damage, theft, fire, etc. that may damage or destroy our products.

The Customer therefore agrees in the event of payment after the delivery to provide insurance cover against the risks of loss and damage outside its control in favour of the Company for these products.

17. Proof

Unless stated otherwise, any notice of cancellation, modification and other operation relating to the proposals made by the Company, will be given either by electronic mail or fax, during office opening hours.

For this reason the same evidential significance will be given to emails and fax copies as to exchanges by recorded delivery with acknowledgement of receipt.

In the event of a dispute between the Parties, the document forming the basis for the demonstration of the proof will be either that held in the Company’s dedicated electronic archive system, or the fax copy.

18. Data processing and civil liberties

All orders lead to the creation of a computerised file that complies with the provisions of law No. 78-17 relating to data processing, file and civil liberties of 6 January 1978 held by the Company, The collection of this information is essential for the processing of the orders and the invoicing.

The rights of access and rectification for the information relating to the Customer are exercised at the following address: Z.I. de la Moinerie, 3 rue de Bourgogne, 91220 Brétigny sur Orge.

Unless requested otherwise in writing, the information may be made available to third parties.

19. Force majeure

Force majeure are deemed to be events that are beyond the control of the Parties, which they could not reasonably be expected to foresee, and which they are unable to avoid or overcome in so far as the occurrence makes it completely impossible to execute the obligations.

Included within the meaning of force majeure releasing the Company from its obligation to deliver within the initially agreed time limits are strikes involving all or some of the employees of the Company or its normal carriers or certain public services whose activity may have an impact on the performance of our service provisions, fire, flood, war, production stoppages due to unforeseen events, the impossibility of obtaining supplies of raw materials, epidemics, cold weather transport restrictions, road blocks, strikes or interruption to the supply of energy or breakdown in supplies not attributable to the Company, as well as all other interruptions attributable to our suppliers.

In these circumstances the Company will inform the Customer in writing, namely by fax or email, within 24 hours of the occurrence of the events, with the contract between the Company and the Customer then being lawfully suspended without compensation as of the date of the occurrence of the event.

If the event lasts for more than 30 days as of the date of its occurrence, the contract between the Company and the customer can be terminated by the first Party to do so without either Party having any right to claim any damages.

20. Incidents and illegal actions

In the event of an incident or illegal actions on the Customer’s site, the Customer will be liable for an excess of 10% of the as-new value of the damaged or destroyed goods.

21. Assignment of jurisdiction

The Company elects domicile in its head office.

Any disputes concerning the application of these General Conditions, their interpretation or execution whether relating to the sales contracts or the hire contracts, will be submitted before the Tribunal de Commerce for the Company’s head office, regardless of the place of the order, the delivery or payment, even for the introduction or third parties or other defendants.

Furthermore, for any legal proceedings or other proceedings for the recovery of accounts receivable by the Company, the costs of challenge, court costs, as well as fees for legal advisors and bailiffs and all associated costs will be charged to customer, as well as the costs associated with or arising from the non-compliance by the Customer with the conditions of payment or delivery for the order in question.

22. Applicable law

All matters relating to these General Conditions as well as the sales contract or hire contracts which they govern, that are not covered by these contractual provisions, are governed by the laws of France, to the exclusion of all other laws. 

23. Recourse waiver

In the context of service provisions at a place chosen and required by the Customer, it is agreed that, in the event of an incident or illegal action of any nature, the Customer hereby renounces thright to any recourse against our group and its insurers.

For the Company, refraining from invoking any of thclauses herein at any given time, shall not constitute a waiver of its right to invoke these same clauses at a later date.





Event price list

Our basic price lists are valid for a hire period of two days. Our prices for longer hire period are subject to the application of a coefficient.

All orders for an event service provision require a security cheque or a guarantee deposit, including for packaging and covers.

*Exhibition price list

Our basic price lists are valid for a period of ten working days and require mandatory insurance in the amount of 8% of the cost of the service provision net of taxes.

All service provisions in the provinces or abroad, for which the minimum charge is 800 euros net of taxes, require the drawing up and acceptance of a price quotation, as well as those elements of the order as defined in the above General Conditions.

Our prices do not include setting up and are based on the delivery to and collection from a specific location.

Labels and adhesive elements on the leased equipment for concerts must be removed by the Customer on the return of the equipment. The Equipment must be returned in the state in which it was supplied. Failing this, the cost of the making good of the equipment will be invoiced in addition, the invoiced cost may include loss of earnings and storage costs.

The Customer acknowledges being informed that the equipment supplied does not have a fire rating.


The Customer agrees to ensure that the Company has optimum accessibility to the supply points for these utilities. Any specific access arrangements will be invoiced by the Company (e.g.: cabling).

The provision of an electricity supply and water supply are the responsibility of the customer, except in specific cases.

The Customer agrees to ensure that the Company has optimum accessibility to the supply points for these utilities. Any specific access arrangements will be invoiced by the Company. (e.g.: cabling).

The Customer must not open any electrical cabinets or any electricity connections without the prior, express, written approval of the Company. The Company will not accept any liability, for whatever reason, if this provision is not complied with.

The Customer, to prevent theft, must lock up the equipment supplied after use.

Additional (i.e. non-standard) electrical connections will be invoiced as a supplement.

Console hire

The Customer must, if it wishes to test the equipment supplied in full working order, do this in a test room provided free of charge prior to leaving our premises, as no claims can be accepted after it has been taken.


The Customer is responsible with regard to third parties for the use of the equipment and specifically the use of HF, audio and video transmitters, walkie-talkie, radios, telephones, etc., without any recourse with regard to the Company.

Lighting bulbs returned inoperable will be invoiced to the customer at 100% of their as-new value. The replacement of bulbs during the service provision is the responsibility of the customer.

The Customer, to prevent theft, must lock up the equipment when not in use and provide for its security.

Additional (i.e. non-standard) electrical connections will be invoiced as a supplement.


The Customer must supply within the stated time limits the site plan in the form of a site layout plan for the structures/seating/stands, or detailed information making it possible to identify the four points corresponding with the four corners of each structure/seating/stand.

Failing this, any additional costs incurred by the Company in drawing these up will be invoiced to the customer.

The access points and installation sites must be level, coverable and accessible for the delivery vehicles and for erecting the structures/seating/stands. In addition, access to the site during the delivery, erection and dismantling operations must be secured in accordance with the applicable regulations. (Namely reversing and access roads) by the Customer at its cost.

The Customer must be present or appoint a person to show the Company’s agents the site for the erection. This area must be flagged or marked out on the ground to allow the installation of the hired equipment.

The Customer must be present on the first day and during the first hour of the erection and will be responsible for identifying the four points corresponding with the four corners of each seating/stand for the agents of the Company.

If there is an error in the marking out by the customer or its agent, the erection work, once started, cannot be interrupted and the Customer will lose all right of recourse.

The Customer must take all necessary measures with regard to the independent verification body that will carry out the checks and inspections on the installations as planned and erected.

With specific regard to the leasing of industrial buildings – modular structures / tarpaulins – all lease periods started are payable in full and the contract will be renewed by tacit agreement for equivalent periods unless there are arrangements for either Party to terminate on each anniversary date, subject to a period of notice of one month by recorded delivery letter with acknowledgement of receipt.


All the technical recommendations stated below are subject to constant updates issued on request from our technical department.

During the supply, in the event of extreme winds, all openings and exits must be closed.

Temporary structures must be evacuated on the initiative and subject to the responsibility of the customer for any wind with a strength equal to or in excess of 80 km/hour.

In the event of snow, the Customer must take all urgent steps and notably make sure there are several forced air heating appliances in operation with exhaust fume extraction flues for the purpose of melting and removal of the snow. This must be carried out constantly, during the day and at night (danger of collapse as of a depth of three centimetres).

In the event of a partial or total collapse of our equipment because of a failure to provide or insufficient heating, the customer will be liable for all damage.

The continuation of the event/show or operation under these conditions will be the exclusive responsibility of the customer which will accept all consequences thereof.

Snow: If despite the above mentioned measures, the layer of snow is not reduced to below 3 centimetres, the Customer must give order for the evacuation, subject to its full responsibility.

It is hereby expressly agreed that no fastening, use of glue or paint, suspension, drilling or attaching of equipment to the temporary structures, involving the rented equipment, shall take place without the prior written approval of the Company. The making good of any damage caused in such cases will be invoiced to the customer and will be payable, by cheque on receipt of the invoice, as the Customer is prohibited from carrying out, having carried out or allowing to happen any such work.

In the event of flash flooding, overflowing drains, humidity penetration and water leaks, the Company will not be liable for any damage to equipment or other damage and problems. The Customer is prohibited from taking, having taken or allowing any measures that could inhibit free access to the temporary structures (emergency exits, security lanes, fire service access).

It is expressly agreed that the Gardens – Cottages, Structures 2 slopes, Three-dimensional Structures, Additional structures, Marquees, 4 Seasons Village, Shelters, Passageways, Coverings for structures are designed and installed for normal meteorological conditions. The Company cannot be held liable for any damage that may be caused to the people or equipment housed within these installations, if the weather tightness of these proves to be inadequate in the event of a storm involving torrential rain, major snowfall, etc.

The security of the installation site and of the products and/or services of the Company is the responsibility of the customer from the first day of assembly to the last day of dismantling.

Seating - Stands

Members of the public must only be allowed onto the seating and stands in accordance with the conditions as specified in the quotation, the technical sheets and/or documents supplied with the delivery, the Company will not, on any grounds whatever, accept any liability if the Customer or any other third party does not comply with the terms of this provision.

The seating and stands must be evacuated on the sole initiative and liability of the Customer when the wind speed is equal to or greater than 72 km/hour.

The continuation of the event/show under these conditions will be the exclusive responsibility of the customer which will accept all consequences thereof.

The Customer must not suspend any equipment from the seating or stands and store any equipment under them.

The Customer is responsible for managing the access to the seating and the stands for the public and for all consequences that may arise. It is also responsible for the evacuation under the same conditions. The security of the installation site and of the products and/or services of the Company is the responsibility of the customer from the first day of assembly to the last day of dismantling.

Any modifications that may be made will result in a variation to the costs on the basis of the unit prices stated in the proposal and in the context of the attached General Conditions. This also applies for a change in the equipment used.

Opening Authorisation:

If the intervention of an outside agency is required, we reserve the right to select an organisation complying with law 78.12 of 4/01/1978, the cost of which will be paid by the customer.

For establishments open to members of the public, the organiser of the event must, prior to opening, obtain an authorisation from the Local (Maire) or Regional Authority (Préfecture), eight days prior to opening to the public it must  forward to the Manager, the Equipment Safety Register extract (Extrait du Registre de Sécurité du equipment).

Essential Technical Conditions

The place of installation must be accessible for heavy goods vehicles and lift trucks; the Customer will check the capacity of the ground to withstand the movement of these vehicles.

Unless specified otherwise, the tents will be secured at ground level by means of pegs and we will not accept any liability for any damage to the surface.

The installation site must, at the surface level, have, applying a calculation constraint of 3 bars in application of the Unified Technical document: Building Regulations (D.T.U.) 13.12 of March 1988, an in service resistance of 450 KG, determined by means of tensile strength test: with an insulted clip, with a useful length of 1.1 m, 30 mm diameter, smooth surface, one week after driving in.

General Installation/Stand/Signage

The Customer must forward within the defined time limits, the validated layout plans or the signage plans as supplied by Art-Event.

Failing this, or for any modifications after validation, any additional costs incurred will be invoiced to the customer.

The installation sites must be accessible on the day and at the time as stated in the quotation. If access is delayed, any additional costs will be charged to the customer.

The Customer will ensure the installation sites are clean prior to the arrival of the Company; the customer will be responsible for all cleaning operations on the sites before, during and after the operations of the Company.

If there are any errors in the marking out by the customer or its representative that result in a total or partial postponement to the final delivery, Art-Event will not accept any liability. In addition any costs incurred, in manpower or equipment, will be invoiced to the customer without this implying that the initially agreed delivery date will be maintained.

IG Stand

The calculation of the surface areas for the floor coverings will be made taking into account offcuts arising as a result of standard carpet sizes. The surface area will be rounded up to the nearest square metre.

The fabrication of any products will only be started after acceptance of the plans within the defined time limits. If the order is cancelled after the fabrication has started, full payment will still be due.


All files supplied by the Customer are deemed to be free of rights or the property of the customer. Art-Event cannot be held liable for the use of any copyrighted document that will have been supplied to it.

The production of mock-ups, print approvals (BAT), will only be possible if the Customer supplied computer files in the specified formats, qualities and time limits. If the Customer cannot supply these files, it will automatically be invoiced for the CAP time required for the production of the order.

The Customer will be required to approve the print approval within a stated time limit before any production will be started. The approval of the print approval will automatically start the production; any changes after the approval will be the subject of a new print approval as well as a new start of production, a revised delivery lead-time, and will be invoiced for.

If the approval takes place after the defined deadline, any extra costs will be invoiced to the customer. Art-Event however reserves the right to refuse the order.

Any changes on-site to the previously agreed signage plan may be subject to an additional invoicing.






Online purchasing information

To order the requested goods, the customer has 2 options when arriving on

- selecting the trade fair / event on which he will be exhibiting, he will access to a selection of products. If this selection does not suit his request, he has the possibility to navigate in the catalogue by clicking on the furniture, signage or stands categories.

- choosing directly the items by clicking on the various categories. To select an item, the customer has to click on the product sheet, then on the "add to cart button".

The customer can then continue shopping by following the same process, or validate his order by clicking on the "proceed to checkout" button. After filling in his personal information, the customer has to confirm the delivery address (which is the address of the trade show he will be exhibiting on). He will the access to the payment methods. 

Carriage paid / Free delivery

Our orders are considered carriage free from an amount of 500€ (taxes excluded), only for deliveries to Paris and its Region (Departments: 77, 78, 91, 92, 93, 94, and 95).

For orders below this amount, a shipping and processing contribution of 99€ excluding taxes will be charged. In in this case again, deliveries can only be made to Paris and its Region.

For various exhibitions, we provide a service of combined deliveries: all orders, will be granted free delivery, even those below the amount of 500€ excluding taxes. This benefit will be displayed on the "shipping" page, when selecting delivery options, i.e. the exhibition of the customer's choice. When the trade fair is concerned by this combined deliveries service, "free shipping" will be displayed. 

Payment Methods

Every order placed on the e-shop is considered payable immediately. The default payment method is by Credit Card, through a 3D Secure connection. However, in case of orders exceeding the amount of 3500€, the customer has the opportunity to select the wire transfer payment.

In this case, the order will only be confirmed and processed once effective payment reaches our financial department. Indeed, this bank transfer has to be handled at least 48h after the online order, otherwise it will be cancelled. 


All the displayed prices are in euros, taxes excluded. They are subject to the current VAT rate. 

Furniture: Products availability

Due to harsh delivery conditions and tight timeframes in the event industry, and order to comply with all our customers' expectations, ART-EVENT Group reserves the right, in case of non-availability of an item, to provide another product of similar type and category price. The customer will be informed of the possible substitution as soon as ART-EVENT GROUP receives the order.  

Ordering deadlines

Every order should be placed at least 7 business days (Monday to Friday) before the date of the exhibition/event, in which the customer intend to participate.

In case of late ordering, i.e. in a period of less than 7 business days before the exhibition/event opening date, the customer must obtain prior approval from our sales department. Indeed, delivery to this exhibition/event will be "locked".


Once his selection of products made, the customer can choose among the following delivery options:

- Warehouse Pick-up/Collection

After obtaining prior agreement from our sales department, the customer can pick-up the ordered goods directly at our warehouses located in Brétigny-sur-Orge, in the South Paris Region (Dept 91). Selecting this option also implies returning the goods back to our warehouses (in case of rental).

- Delivery to a trade fair

All of the items available on can only be delivered to the listed exhibitions, trade shows or events. Thus, the customer does not have the ability to place an order directly online for an unlisted event / trade fair. However, the customer can call our sales department +33 1 69 88 12 80, or select the "Warehouse pick-up" option, and collect the articles directly at our premises (subject to prior agreement).

Delivery Date

The ordered goods will be delivered and installed on the event/exhibition venue, according to the assembly planning given by the organiser. Delivery dates depend on the type of ordered articles: usually D-2 (2 days before the trade fair opening) for signage products and stands, D-1 (1 day before the trade show opening). These timeframes can exceptionally vary.

Repossession / Return (when applicable: product hire)

The repossession of goods is handled by our services after the event/trade fair ending. A fixed contribution to handling, delivery, installation and return expenses is thus included in all the displayed prices.

Withdrawal right

The selection of products available on is not dedicated to individual customers within the meaning of the Preliminary Article of the French Consumer Code. The withdrawal right shall thus not apply, except in the following particular conditions specified by the articles L121-16-1 & L121-21-8:

-      The object of the contract is outside the scope of the customer’s main activity

-      The number of employees is below or equal to 5 persons

-      The ordered articles are not signage products: the withdrawal right cannot apply to personalized or customized goods

-      The service consumption has not already been made.

If ALL of the above mentioned conditions are met, the customer has a 14 day time frame to exercise is withdrawal right.

In case of the goods already been shipped to the event/trade fair venue, the entirety of the expenses linked to the order processing, handling, shipping and return will be charged to the customer. A specific invoice will be then issued.