FAQ / Frequently Asked Question


 The Exhibition opening date is too close (D-7),is it however possible to place an online order with easy-stand?

You have to obtain the prior consent of our Sales department, for logistical and organisational reasons.

Contact us directly at +33 1 75 59 20 75, or via email using info@easy-stand.com


 The Exhibition you will be exhibiting on does not appear in the list, how to place an order?

Please contact us directly at +33 1 75 59 20 75, or via email using info@easy-stand.com; our sales department will inform you of steps to take and can directly register your order.


 The items selection made for the exhibition isn't relevant, is it possible to browse all ranges of products?

You can access to the whole range of products on www.easy-stand.com simply by selecting the various headings: Furniture, Stand, Signage, and browse the menus.


 You need some help?

Noëlla Beslin will answer to all questions: 

- by sending an email :  info@easy-stand.com 

- by calling us on our fixed line: +33 1 75 59 20 75


 How to proceed when requesting specific dimensions for a booth or signage product?

We can manufacture custom stands depending on your requirements or make customized printing according to your specifications.

Contact us via email: info@artevent.com , visit the website www.artevent.com or ask for the sales department after dialling +33 1 69 88 12 80


 How to place an order online?

If you have already order on our website, you will have to log in using your email address and your password. If not, you just have to create a client account by filling in the different form fields. Then you will be able to select your products by browsing our online catalogues (furniture, booth, and signage). If there are not on the list, do not hesitate to contact us at +33 1 75 59 20 75.

After having made your selection, you will have to choose your event (the exhibition you will be participating) and the event date via dropdown menus. Finally, you will need to confirm your cart to get to the secure payment stage. Be sure to indicate clearly your booth details and contact mobile phone number on-site for delivery. 


 What do the displayed prices stand for?

All our rental rates are excluding taxes. However, furniture products prices include a compulsory 8% rate of insurance. Furthermore, furniture rental prices are valid for the whole exhibition, whatever its duration, up to 10 days! They are subject to the standard VAT rate currently in force.  Beyond 10 days, extracharges can be added, on quotation.  Website default displayed prices include transport, delivery and pick-up costs for the referenced events/exhibitions in Paris and its region (departments 77-78-91-92-93-94 & 95).


 What kind of solutions are available for small booths?

Whatever size is you exhibition space, easy-stand will be able to bring you a suitable solution, even when your booth has small dimensions.


 What are the available payment options?

Orders can be paid with most credit cards (it's the quickest way for you) thanks to our secure online payment facility 3D-Secure. Bank transfer can also be used (minimum amount of 1000€), but payment must reach us at the latest 48 hours after the order date. Our bank details will be directly displayed when using this payment option.


 How to check products compliance?

When delivery will be made on the exhibition venue, someone of your company has to be present on your booth to acknowledge receipt of the items, and verify their compliance with the ordered articles.


 How do you handle product delivery?

Easy-stand.com products are packed by us in a careful and precautionary manner. All our goods travel at the risk of the purchaser who will have to mention on the delivery note any problems or damages.


 Forgot password?

Visit easy-stand.com then click on «Forgot Password". You will have to enter your email address in order to receive a new one. It can afterwards be modified by logging yourself into your personal account.


 After placing an online order, what kind of documents are sent?

Your order will be confirmed by email, showing clearly your order reference, as well as product details. During your order picking, you will receive a status notification, also available on line after connecting to your account. The day of delivery, your order bill will be emailed to you directly.


 What about order confirmation?

The order confirmation is not necessarily instantly sent. However, please check that it hasn’t been treated as a spam by opening your “junk email” file.


 Can Personal information be modified?

You can directly make changes on your personal information through your customer account, using your email address and password.


 Cannot find the email used to create account?

It is not possible to recover this information directly on the website, unless trying to connect with several email addresses. To obtain details of your customer account, you will have to contact Noëlla Beslin at +33 1 75 59 20 75. Please prepare your company name and a previous order reference if possible.


 What kind of information / document are available in the personal account?

Your customer account allows you to access to your personal data, your order history and purchase details. You can print your orders digital documents (invoice, credit note) or download your files, or see you order status.


 The graphics file to be sent for printing is too heavy. How to proceed?

You can upload your graphics files for printing (signage) directly online, if each file size doesn’t exceed 7Mo. However, if your files are too big, you can use our WeTransfer account. Click on the icon, upload your file, add your email address and validate by clicking on the button.


 Order needs to be placed, but graphics files are not ready?

That is not a problem, you can send your files for printing later, but do not forget that a “printing time” is necessary for us (6 days). When your graphics are ready, log in to your personal account, then access your orders history. Select the order for which you need to send the graphics, and upload them. We will receive your files in a short timeline, automatically matching your order references.


 Order has been confirmed with a wrong exhibition selection?

Please contact Noëlla Beslin to select the actual exhibition name/date.

- By mail: info@easy-stand.com

- Direct line: +33 1 75 59 20 75


 Order has been confirmed with a wrong quantity?

Please contact Noëlla Beslin rapidly, to correct quantities per products.

- By mail: info@easy-stand.com

- Direct line: +33 1 75 59 20 75


 Your question is not listed in this section?

Do not hesitate to email us, be sure that we will answer your request in the shortest timeline.

email : info@easy-stand.com